Be Who You Are

A documentary meant to inspire…

Jon Carmine and Levi at Temple University Campus

About Be Who You Are Documentary

This not so traditional, fast paced documentary started as a small project in Philadelphia, but grew across the country. Two best friends and their cameraman travel America through 22 states in 25 days stuffed in a compact car searching for inspirational stories of everyday people pursuing their dreams. All while asking the question,” What does it mean to be who you are?”

It’s quirky narration, paired with behind the scenes footage of the crew’s struggle to make the film, create a unique and experimental film style. You’ll also meet five individuals who share their stories: The Survivor, The Activist, The Entrepreneur, The Contender and The Actor, from all over the country who exemplify #BeWhoYouAre.


The Full Film, Watch it…

22 states in 25 days. Yes you can actually traverse nearly half the continental United States if you have enough gumption, nerve and just the right amount of crazy.The journey started in Philadelphia and took us to the beaches of California.

While it wasn’t all beautiful sunsets and palm trees (I can tell you from experience 525 miles of sand and windmills from a car window doesn’t bring out the best in people) the people we met and stories we gathered made it well worth it.

We met a young man who left everything and everyone he knew behind just to chase his dream career, and a woman who started something that would grow to support women in 5 neighboring states.

Now, we invite you to learn something about yourself and #Be Who You Are.


How it Started

Be Who You Are started as a dream, just like all ambitions. Once we finally sat down and hammered out the details we realized it wasn’t just talk. We would journey across America recording our endeavors and interviews. This was something we had to do. 

First, we wanted to promote our documentary, 2nd we knew we had to gain traction in Philadelphia first if we wanted to move forward.

We went over what we wanted to accomplish while talking to the public in Philadelphia. We wanted to brighten people’s day and have them open up a bit. So why not start by giving them a flower? Watch the rest to see how it went…


Things About the Be Who You Are Film

Corey’s Story: Cooking Therapy

Corey's Story: Ambition as therapy March is Brain Awareness month and this year’s theme is ‘Not Alone’. We thought this was fitting as we have been working closely with Corey and her family. What more of a perfect time to show Corey’s progress and how her relationship...

Our Documentary Premier in Philadelphia

The Big Screen! In the summer of 2015 FarmCat Media proudly premiered “Be Who You Are”. An untraditional, fast paced documentary following two best friends and their cameraman’s journey across 22 states while collecting stories of everyday people pursuing their...