Corey’s Story

Corey Beattie is pretty remarkable, take a look…
Corey Beattie at her home.

About Corey’s Story

On October 2nd 2010, Corey Beattie was in a terrible car accident, leaving her in a coma from the results of a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Medical experts were doubtful she’d walk, talk or move again.

But she woke up, began to move, learned sign language, eventually spoke, stood up and walked. She would continue to make great strides in recovery since her accident 6 years ago.

This is Corey Beattie’s story of recovery and her mission to become a chef. Her full documentary is scheduled for release late 2016.

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Documentary in the Making

Corey’s Story recently took us to University Of Delaware at Go Baby Go Cafe where Corey took part in a new form of therapy. The Cafe utilizes a harness system in a “typical” workplace environment pushing Corey’s physical and mental capabilities. To learn more about this innovative harness system click here.

Instead of working one part of the body and mind she is using both all at once, which is a unique form of therapy. Corey needs to push limits to achieve her goal of becoming a chef, so the cafe is a perfect fit.


How it All Began

Corey’s Story started back in 2010 as a college project, but developed into so much more. After the release of the first 15 minute expose on Corey Beattie’s life, we saw the need to document the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) recovery process.

Long term recovery of TBI individuals was scarce— no one was painting a full picture of what happened to TBI survivors and their families beyond the first year of recovery. So we started to film Corey and her family for years, capturing the ups and downs of their journey to find some normality in the craziness surrounding them.

Corey’s dream to become a chef still holds strong, before and after her accident. Her inspiring story displays a search for recovery with alternative research programs and intense rehab.

We never thought Corey’s Story would be six years in the making, but it is, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be producing her full feature documentary.

Things About Corey

Corey’s Story: Cooking Therapy

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