Working to Make Creative Multimedia in Philadelphia

Jan 11, 2016


Happy New Year and welcome to the new, FarmCat Media. We’re thrilled to be starting a new chapter and excited to continue our work making creative multimedia in Philadelphia.

We’ve always prided ourselves on delivering quality multimedia work at awesome prices, and that will never change.

We want to give back to our community by facilitating a working environment that provides value to our customers and the city.

One way we do this is by working with local freelancers—real, living, breathing humans in our community. We have so many talented individuals literally next door, why not harness this amazing talent… don’t worry we are.

This is what allows us to offer such a diverse lineup of services. From full production video shoots, to web design and development. We pick the best individuals for each unique project to give you the ultimate final product. We do all of this without outsourcing to other countries, while remaining competitively priced.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not… just a lot of hard work.

We do all sorts of projects big and small. We aren’t intimidating like some large corporations, but we have clients all over the country and we’ve done work in over half of the 50 states.

Work with us and we’ll help you through your entire project, start to finish, all while giving guidance and suggestions along the way.
But hey, this is your project, so you let us know how involved you want us to be. We’re ready to go all in, are you?

Check out our “Works” page to get an idea of some of the work we do.

Here are some of our services…if you don’t see what you need listed, that’s fine, contact us here.

Most popular multimedia services in Philadelphia:

Video production
Web design
Web management
Digital marketing