Our Philosophy

Home grown local talent…

Home Grown

Many multimedia companies outsource their work to other countries, taking away resources from our community, without giving back.

Why? The bottom line… literally.
Companies are so worried about what the books will read, they lose their values and the essence of what they do.

That’s not us, we love our community, this country and what we do. Work with us, and you’re giving back to our economy, our schools and most importantly the place we call home.



A company is only as strong as the ties it builds within the community it works.

At FarmCat we hold that sentiment very high. What we do, and how we act has a lasting impression on the world around us.

We want to actively make a positive impact on the community where we work and live. So we are…


Social Activism

We look for stories that are unique, interesting and have something we believe should be added to the forum of discussion. We like to give a voice to the voiceless.

We want our skills to be used not only in a way that can help us keep the lights on but also give back and help people.

Success isn’t only measured by profits, but also by the footprint we leave behind.