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Sites Are Hacked Everyday…

(Forbes Tech)

You’re More at Risk Than You Think

The bad guys are only getting smarter and the risks are getting higher.

Forbes Tech reported that 30,000 sites are hacked each day! They aren’t just going after the big guys, in fact, small to medium sized businesses are the most vulnerable. Why, it’s easy and chances are you won’t know you’re site is being used to transfer malicious content across the web. To make matters worse, your hosting company isn’t monitoring your site… It’s not their job, but it is ours.

Your Digital Store Front

In our digital age people are using the web to gauge if your business is right for them. Your website is your digital storefront, a declaration of who you are and what you offer. You wouldn’t leave your store or office unlocked at night… start protecting your website.

Why Us?

We believe in delivering only what you need, not overloading you with extras. If your site already has SEO added to it no reason to add it to your package . We want you to walk away with no surprises.  

We’re like your own personal IT department, with any of our monthly subscriptions you get access to our team to help you make the right decision for your online presence. It’s not just a web management plan, it’s a future for your digital presence. 

Why You Need Web Management.

Many web developers give a false impression that once a site is launched it will run smoothly indefinitely—This is far from the truth.

The web is ever changing and your website has to change with it. Monthly management plans help keep your site up to date, backed up, free of viruses and ready to be viewed by your potential clients.

Services Offered in Packages


Frequent backups- We have you covered. We’ll make sure your data is safe.


Site Updates

Plugins, Themes, Content Management Systems… They all need to stay up to date, are you doing it?


Let’s make sure the bad guys aren’t hurting you or your businesses.


Content Updates

Maybe you need help moving some things around or updating some text.


24/7 Monitoring

We have an eye on your site 365 days of the year, if something happens, we’ll help you get down to the problem. Do you know if your site is up and running?

Monthly Audits

We’ll give you the details on what’s going on with the management of your web presence. Which will help you make good marketing and social media decisions… Or you could let us do it for you.

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